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Back in early 2000, I was a full-time frother, chasing the swell and spending as much time as possible in the water. I was lucky to be picked up by Hardcore surf, for whom I did repairs and in return I got to ride their boards. Here I started to pay close attention to the designs of all the boards that came through the shop. Seeing so many boards, taught me a lot and I got a good understanding of what type of boards were working best for me. 

At that time HC Surfboards was fast becoming an up and coming shaper/designer and so when he offered me a job, I seized the opportunity. I ended up working at HC surfboards for over 6 years, where I learned the fine details of sanding, laminating and repairing surfboards. I was really inspired by Hayden's shaping and his approach to design and wanted to improve on shaping myself. Therefore, I asked  Hayden what was the best way to improve on my skills to which he replied 'learn hand-shaping'.  

Vaughan, of VB surfboards, was so kind to let me watch him and teach me how to approach hand-shaping and design. I was so impressed by Vaughan, who planes a blank so quickly and accurately, that it set my path clearly of how I wanted to shape surfboards myself. This inspired me to continue making boards under my own label and GHS Designs was born. First, as a way to build the perfect board for myself and friends, which quickly turned into shaping boards for all surfers in New Zealand. 



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